Hotel Co-Branding and Cross Promotions

Cross-promotion can have a big payoff for hotels because partners can successfully expand their client potential by utilizing each other’s customer base. Plus, customers like the idea of being able to utilize the services of two or more businesses for an economical, combined price.

Here are just a few of the ways your hotel can make this happen for your hospitality patrons. A simple and inexpensive method is to print joint promotional messages on your receipts and check in keys and literature. Offer a reduced price, a special service, or convenience if guests check into your hotel and also use the services of one of your co-partners. Spa treatments for women travelers and massages by nearby businesses are very popular and saves the hotel from having to build a spa and hire employees. Why not help your hotel patrons as well as your already established local businesses.

Hang signs, use door-hangers, in-room flyers or posters promoting your partners’ businesses. Hotels can add to the revenue for many local businesses around them just by giving them a good rating to guests. Guests do value the recommendations of your hotel staff.

Mention each other’s benefits when speaking at local events or when interviewed by the media. By pooling mailing lists, you can efficiently distribute joint promotional information which cuts costs. Share inexpensive ads in local newspapers, travel magazines, or in non-profit event programs. Make sure the travel websites have knowledge of your joint ventures and advertise that. It can be the difference between someone staying at your place or a competitor.

Encourage your staff to mention your business partner’s services to guests. Join forces with a non-profit. Decide on what your objective is and team up with either a local or national non-profit cause to create awareness of the cause, increase donations, and create interaction with supporters (who could become guests of yours at some point in the future).

One way you can intertwine this effort with guests is to let them know that for every room rented, one dollar will go to this cause. An example would be breast cancer awareness. People are avid supporters of this cause and women travelers will definitely choose your hotel over competitors that don’t collaborate on cancer awareness. Or you could let guests themselves choose from several causes which one to donate to.

If you don’t have a kitchen or dry cleaning, partner with local companies to offer room service and same-day laundry/dry- cleaning service. This is adding value to the patrons without adding to your expenses. By adding services and cross promotions, you can increase your room occupancy rates without increasing your costs.

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