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i lately travelled to any other united states. and no, not a non-english speaking one, and not one which i had by no means been to before, it really is a whole other topic for an entire different article. i travelled to england and for the primary time ever there, stayed in a resort and now not with spouse and children or buddies. this hotel turned into in a huge metropolis, close to educate stations and essential sights, and a stunning, clean facility. that being stated, i did observe some differences from staying in common north american lodges.

the first factor become that the room utilized all of its space surely well. there has been a place for the entirety and everything changed into in its region. instead of a headboard, they’d used massive framed pieces of art that doubled as each a headboard and visual focal point for the room.

seeing that i used to be going from one electric powered voltage to every other, i had brought an adapter plug with me, but located i failed to want it to rate my smartphone as i may want to in reality use the on-wall charging station. but right here’s some thing that i discovered odd, the bathroom became partitioned from the primary living area of the room most effective with the aid of a pitcher sliding door. it failed to lock and it failed to even attain all the manner to the wall, so there has been usually an opening. in north the united states we are educated to go into the rest room, near the heavy wood door, lock it and then pass about our enterprise. now not so there, and as a chum mentioned, there was also no extractor fan and no window. the rest room additionally had two flush alternatives– i’ll leave that to you to discern out.

then there was the tissue deliver, or lack thereof. in north american motels there are generally tissues in both the room and the rest room, no longer so on the alternative side of the pond. if you are visiting there, carry your very own!

the cutest difference i discovered changed into that there was an umbrella assigned to every room, right there inside the closet. the note on it said that you had been welcome to use it in your stay but to leave it inside the room while you left. never visible that earlier than in a north american motel!

it was a lovely inn, in a first-rate vicinity in a hustle and bustle type of european city. the ride become superb, the beds secure and the little differences candy. even the workforce have been as helpful as will be.

nestled in historic grass valley, ca, the gold miners motel welcomes travelers with their eighty creatively designed visitor rooms and suites. you may love the hot breakfast bar, the nook shop and all of the different facilities. subsequent time you’re set to explore western nevada county, check them out at

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